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100 More Things About Me

1. Autumn is my favorite season.

2. I don’t have a favorite food.

3. I enjoy listening to classic country music on XM Radio while I’m at work.

4. My female dog is named after Waylon Jennings.

5. I recently started wearing glasses.

6. I can tell you more than you’d ever want to know about compact fluorescent light bulbs.

7. I’m a registered Democrat, but my views are becoming more conservative as I grow older. However, I refuse to become a Republican so I’ll probably just become an Independent.

8. I am severely hard-headed.

9. I got engaged on my sister’s birthday.

10. My fiance proposed to me in the garage.

11. I abhor people who are conceited — especially when they have no reason to be.

12. A perfect winter day for me would involve a pot of chili, fresh snow, a new book and a warm blanket.

13. I’m working on my master’s degree in marketing/communication. I have a perfect gpa.

14. Water with (extra) lemon is my favorite beverage.

15. Energy drinks have zero effect on me.

16. As a teen, boys made me nervous. Now my life is predominately filled with males. Interestingly, there’s much less drama in my life.

17. I do, however, have the best female friends I’ve ever had. I miss them very very much.

18. I am amazed that my life has turned out this well.

19. I believe in God, but I don’t go to church. I guess it’s my aversion to drama that makes me stay away.

20. I take up for myself. Nobody puts Baby in the corner!

21. I also know when to keep my mouth shut. Mostly.

22. Things that would bother most people don’t bother me.

23. Things that wouldn’t bother most people bother me.

24. There will be more people at my wedding than I’d like for there to be.

25. I don’t paint my fingernails. Just my toenails.

26. I enjoy running the weed eater in our yard.

27. I think Brett Favre is H-O-T. But not as hot as Peyton Manning.

28. I would watch “Gilmore Girls” until my eyeballs fell out.

29. We have a lot of arguments at my house about “Gilmore Girls.”

30. But if I ever own a farm or large tract of property, I’m going to name it “Stars Hollow.”

31. I enjoy cooking, but I hate cleaning up.

32. I have few regrets.

33. I’m crazy about Christmas.

34. I think I had the best childhood ever.

35. I don’t sleep well when Steve is out of town.

36. I have owned three cars in my life: a ’98 Chevy Cavalier, an ’05 Toyota Corolla, and an ’08 Jeep Compass.

37. I’m really glad we chose to purchase a house in the country rather than in town.

38. My friends have cute kids.

39. I started this year’s Christmas shopping in September.

40. If there was a movie about my life, I’d want Lauren Graham to play me.

41. I’m pro-choice, but I think the “choice” should first be to make responsible decisions about your body before you get into a bad situation. That’s why we have birth control. Use it. On the other hand, accidents happen and no one has the right to tell a woman what to do with her body.

42. Gene Wilder creeps me out.

43. So does Christopher Walken.

44. I know a lot of really interesting people.

45. I really want a sewing machine.

46. I’d rather eat off of paper plates than wash dishes.

47. I don’t think I’ll ever find a hairstyle or color that I really love.

48. I recently had to increase my bra size to DD. Jealous?

49. I had a cyst removed from my back a few months ago. I got to see it once they got it out — it was awesome.

50. I developed celluitis on my left big toe on a trip to Washington, D.C. I think it’s wildly coincidental that I had a flesh-eating disease in that city.

51. I haven’t gone wedding dress shopping, but I’m pretty sure I’ve chosen the dress I want.

52. I’ve been to Disney World

53. Disorganization drives me nuts.

54. I have a weird obsession with water — but I’m not a very good swimmer.

55. I hate getting out of bed in the morning.

56. I’m chronically late for work.

57. I multitask so often that I have difficulty focusing on just one thing, or doing nothing at all. It kills me.

58. I don’t think I should have to subsidize the wages of waiters and waitresses, but I tip anyway. If you’re good, you get a big tip. If you suck, you get nothing plus a complaint to  your manager.

59. I pee about 18 bazillion times a day.

60. If you say something bad about someone I love, it’s on like Donkey Kong.

61. Most of my role models/heroes are women, with the exception of Benjamin Franklin.

62. Most of the movies my fiancee enjoys profoundly disturb me.

63. I have complete faith in my own resiliency.

64. I’ve worked for an electric company for eight months and still can’t tell you the difference between a kilowatt and a volt.

65. I think parades are stupid.

66. One of my greatest dreams is to someday have enough money to be a philanthropist. I’d pour donations toward causes that improve education and the lives of women.

67. Violence is not an option for me. Period.

68. I don’t support the welfare system in its current capacity. (Although my friggin’  taxes do.)

69. Teenagers make me itch.

70. I hate birds.

71. I sing in my car.

72. I enjoy taking pictures.

73. I think my nose looks like a penis.

74. I have strange, strange dreams at night.

75. When I was young, I was terrified of the Wicked Witch. Now the Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite movies.

76. I don’t think Angelina Jolie is that attractive.

77. Environmentalists piss me off.

78. Of all the newspaper jobs I had, the first was the best. It’s the only one I miss, even though the pay sucked.

79. I’ve only been drunk once. And it was bad.

80. I do enjoy alcoholic beverages, though.

81. I’ve never tried a single cigarette or illegal drug.

82. All of my relationships have been monogamous.

83. George Bush is a terrible, horrible, awful president. But I’d invite him to a backyard barbecue.

84. I want to take fiddle & guitar lessons.

85. I love watching shows on TLC and the Hallmark Channel. Shut up.

86. Even if I were wealthy, I don’t think I could bring myself to spend $1,000 on one shirt.

87. I have stinky feet.

88. It took me a looong time to be comfortable enough to fart in front of Steve. Now? I let loose all the time.

89. I have no interest in whitewater rafting or bungee jumping. I like living, thank you very much.

90. I like reading romance novels.

91. I can’t whistle.

92. I enjoy plucking my eyebrows.

93. I subscribe to People magazine.

94. I get a lot of compliments on my smile.

95. I have a wart on the top of my head.

96. I hate talking on the phone.

97. I have re-discovered the comfort of blue jeans.

98. I worry about being a good representative of my family, especially Steve when we’re in social or work settings.

99. Damn! Am I not done yet?

100. Exacto knives are the best ever.


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We need to keep in better touch! I had no idea you got a Jeep Compass or that you had a cyst removed! I hope everything is going well. We’re looking forward to seeing you next weekend!

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